Perfect Spot

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Perfect Spot: A Haunting Exploration for Horror Fans (Single-player Only)

Embrace the Chills

Perfect Spot is a free, single-player horror game that will test your courage. You take on the role of an aspiring horror vlogger venturing into a creepy graveyard, the "Old World," to capture the ultimate viral video. But fame comes at a price, and you'll need to be prepared for the terrifying secrets that lurk within.

Perfect Spot

The Creator Behind the Chills

Perfect Spot is the work of Niven Hedinger, an indie game developer, and available on

Gameplay: A Descent into Darkness

  • A Haunting First-Person Perspective: Experience the chilling atmosphere from the protagonist's eyes, making the scares all the more real.
  • Explore the Eerie Graveyard: Navigate the dark and ominous graveyard, searching for the "perfect spot" to film your horror masterpiece.
  • Light Up the Unknown: Use your flashlight to pierce the gloom, but be cautious of what you might uncover in the shadows.
  • Unearth Creepy Clues: Environmental details and unsettling sounds provide hints about the dark history of the Old World.
  • Face the Consequences: In Perfect Spot, your choices can have unforeseen consequences, and escaping the graveyard might be harder than you anticipated.

Game Controls (Assuming Standard Setup)

  • Movement: Use the WASD keys to move around the graveyard.
  • Looking Around: Control the camera with your mouse or gamepad.
  • Interaction: Press the spacebar or E key (depending on the game's prompts) to interact with objects in the environment, such as picking up items or opening doors.
  • Flashlight: There's likely a designated key (maybe F or left mouse click) to activate your flashlight and illuminate the darkness.

Tips to Win Perfect Spot (or Survive!)

  • Listen Closely: Environmental sounds can be your allies. Pay attention to unsettling noises that might warn you of danger or hidden secrets.
  • Don't Be Reckless: Capturing the perfect horror clip is tempting, but prioritize your safety. Sometimes, survival is more important than fame.
  • Run When Necessary: If things get too terrifying, don't be afraid to turn tail and run! Not everything in the graveyard is meant to be confronted.
  • Think Before You Interact: Some objects in the graveyard might be best left undisturbed. Consider the potential consequences before interacting with anything suspicious.

Remember: Perfect Spot is a short but intense experience. Embrace the scares, make wise choices, and see if you have what it takes to find the perfect spot...and escape the graveyard with your sanity intact.

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