Who wants to be a Murderer

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Who Wants to be a Murderer?

This exciting game can be a thrilling social deduction experience for a group of friends. Here's a breakdown of the game:


Who Wants to be a Murderer? is a party game similar to Mafia or Werewolf. Players take on hidden roles – some are innocent villagers, while one or more are cunning murderers. Through deduction, discussion, and voting, the villagers must identify and eliminate the murderers before they're outnumbered.

Who wants to be a Murderer

How to Play Who Wants to be a Murderer:


  • Deck of cards with designated roles (optional)
  • Narrator (optional)
  • Space for players to discuss and vote

Number of Players:

  • Ideally 8-12 players, but adjustable for larger or smaller groups.


  • Role Assignment: Roles are secretly assigned. This can be done using a deck of cards with designated roles (murderer, villager, detective, etc.) or by a chosen narrator who whispers roles to each player.

  • Night Phase: Players close their eyes or wear sleep masks (if using a narrator). During this secret phase, the murderer(s) silently eliminates one villager.

  • Day Phase: Players open their eyes and discuss the events of the night. Villagers share alibis, analyze clues, and make accusations based on behavior and inconsistencies. They can vote to eliminate a suspected murderer.

  • Voting: Players cast their votes. The player with the most votes is eliminated and reveals their role.

  • Night and Day Phases Alternate: The game continues with night and day phases until either:

    • The Villagers Win: All murderers are eliminated.
    • The Murderers Win: They outnumber the villagers or fulfill specific win conditions (e.g., framing an innocent).

Tips to WinWho wants to be a Murderer:

For Murderers:

  • Deception is Key: Lie about your actions and alibi during the day phase.
  • Coordinate with Your Partner(s): If there's more than one murderer, strategize your actions during the night phase.
  • Sow Doubt: Plant suspicion on innocent villagers and deflect attention from yourself. Frame innocent villagers if possible.

For Villagers:

  • Be Observant: Pay close attention to details like player behavior, alibis, and inconsistencies in stories.
  • Share Information: Communicate your observations and suspicions with other villagers.
  • Logical Reasoning: Analyze the available information to identify the murderers. Look for individuals who benefit from accusations or seem overly eager to eliminate others.

Remember, this is a general guideline. There are many variations of the game with additional roles and win conditions. Get creative and have fun!

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