Rainbow Friends

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What is the Rainbow Friends?

Rainbow Friends is an immersive and free horror game developed by Fragment Games. This thrilling game revolves around an unknown child who becomes the protagonist. At the beginning of the game, the child, accompanied by other players on a school trip to Oddworld Park, gets kidnapped, setting the stage for a horrifying adventure.

To survive, players must navigate five perilous nights, fleeing from terrifying and colorful creatures in a strange and deserted location. Each night presents unique challenges that players must overcome while evading the clutches of these eerie beings.


Failure to complete assigned tasks or getting caught by the multicolored monsters spells certain doom, abruptly ending the game.

The difficulty level escalates as the game progresses, introducing additional villainous characters with each new task. Rainbow Friends also offers a unique feature where players can customize events, creating distinct scenarios for interaction with their rainbow-colored companions.

How to Play Rainbow Friends?

Rainbow Friends is a renowned game that offers a spine-chilling yet entertaining experience suitable for all age groups. There are no age restrictions, as it delivers immense pleasure and amusement to players of every generation. Moreover, the game can be played seamlessly on various platforms, including mobile devices, tablets, PlayStation, computers, and laptops.

Let's explore the different rounds of the game, each presenting its own set of tasks and challenges:

1st Round: The Mysterious Beginning of Rainbow Friends

As the game kicks off, a captivating cutscene unfolds. A bus, filled with players, heads towards Oddworld but suddenly takes a wrong turn, crashing near a bio-hazardous area due to the influence of a mysterious figure.

The enigmatic force assigns a task to each player: collecting 24 blocks and returning them to the Theatre. Blue arrows guide the players towards the Theatre, while they must avoid the pursuit of the Blue monster.

To evade the Blue creature, players can press B to hide in a box or press C to crouch. Upon gathering all 24 boxes, a cutscene introduces a Green giant.

2nd Round: Gathering Supplies

In the second round, players are tasked with collecting 15 food bags and delivering them to the food machine located in the Theatre. However, they must be cautious not to cross paths with the Green Monster during this mission.

Once the players successfully complete this task, a cutscene reveals the hand of the Orange monster retrieving food from the machine.

3rd Round: Inserting the Fuses

During the third round, players must locate and insert 14 fuses into a machine placed inside the Theatre. The Orange and Purple scary creatures pose a threat throughout the process of collecting the fuses.

After successfully inserting all 14 fuses, a malfunction in the device causes the lights to go out, concluding the third round.

4th Round: Illuminating the Darkness

In the fourth round, players must search for nine batteries to power the generator and restore the lights. Equipped with torches, they traverse through dark routes, carefully scouring for batteries.

Once all nine batteries are collected, a mysterious figure announces a party and assures the players that their freedom is within reach.

5th Round: The Final Escape

As the party ensues, a red balloon bursts, causing the Blue monster to fall into slumber. Players must make their way to the exit door, evading the awakened Blue giant. However, upon entering the exit door, a green balloon pops, reawakening the Blue monster, now in pursuit of the players.

Players must quickly escape the vent, crouching behind a fence. In a dramatic turn of events, the door collapses onto the Blue giant, incapacitating it. The injured monster retreats back into the vent. A final cutscene featuring the Red Giant reveals the mysterious figure's true identity, acknowledging their underestimation of the players.


Meet the Characters in Rainbow Friends 

Rainbow Friends introduces five distinct characters, each possessing unique colors and deadly abilities, making them formidable adversaries. Let's delve into these monster characters, unveiling their strengths and weaknesses:

Orange Friend: The Swift Allosaurus

Orange resembling an Allosaurus, exhibits wobbly eyes and emits blaring sirens when in close proximity. This character boasts incredible speed, making it the fastest giant in the game.

To prevent encounters with Orange, players must keep it satiated by feeding it. An orange line serves as a visual cue, indicating the presence of the Orange monster nearby.

Green Friend: The Mischievous Trickster

Green, the trickiest of the bunch, possesses long wavy arms and captivating googly eyes. With its constant patrol and swinging arms, Green presents a challenge to players. Contact or accidental interaction with this character leads to capture and an abrupt end to the game.

Green possesses heightened senses, enabling it to detect players even when hiding in a box.

Red Friend: The Loyal Guide

Initially, Red appears as a helpful and harmless companion, guiding players through the game and assisting in completing tasks. However, an unexpected twist unfolds as the Red character reveals itself as the mysterious figure towards the game's conclusion.

Purple Friend: The Elusive Threat

Purple poses a greater danger to players when they are in close proximity to items located in the vent. These creatures traverse through vents, leaving small water pools as evidence of their presence.

Their actual form remains concealed, but players can detect their existence through these small water pools. The presence of water indicates the presence of Purple in that specific vent.

Blue Friend: The Terrifying Menace

Among all the Rainbow Friends, Blue boasts the most frightening and menacing appearance. Featuring a button eye and sporadic drooling while wearing a crown, this character instills fear in players.

To evade encounters with Blue, players can hide in boxes or lockers, ensuring their safety.

Rainbow Friends is an exhilarating game that offers a balance of horror and entertainment. With its unique gameplay and challenging tasks, it captivates players of all ages. Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure as you navigate the eerie world of Rainbow Friends and strive to outwit the colorful creatures that lurk in the shadows.


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