Adventures With Anxiety

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"Adventures With Anxiety" is presented in the form of an interactive comic or web-based narrative. Players (or readers) engage with the story through a combination of text, illustrations, and choices that influence the narrative's direction.


The main objective of "Adventures With Anxiety" is to provide insight into the experience of living with anxiety and to foster empathy and understanding among those who may not be familiar with anxiety-related struggles.


The interactive experience takes players on a journey through the mind of a person dealing with anxiety. It explores various scenarios and challenges faced by the protagonist, aiming to shed light on the thoughts, feelings, and emotional struggles that people with anxiety may experience.


The game explores themes related to mental health, anxiety disorders, and coping mechanisms. It presents a sensitive and personal perspective on the impact of anxiety on everyday life.


"Adventures With Anxiety" is accessible as a free web-based interactive experience, and players can engage with it using a web browser.


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