Learn To Fly 2

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Learn to Fly 2:

"Learn to Fly 2" is a popular online flash game developed by Light Bringer Games. It is the sequel to the original "Learn to Fly" game and falls into the genre of physics-based launch games. The game was initially released as a browser game, allowing players to access it on various gaming websites.


In "Learn to Fly 2," players take on the role of a determined penguin who is determined to prove that penguins can fly. The objective is to launch the penguin into the air using various equipment and upgrades, and the ultimate goal is to reach the farthest distance or height possible.


  • Launch Mechanics: Players use a ramp to launch the penguin into the air, and during the flight, they can control the penguin's movement to some extent, adjusting its angle and speed.

  • Upgrades: As players progress and earn in-game currency, they can purchase upgrades to improve the penguin's performance, such as better gliders, rockets, and boosts.

  • Achievements and Challenges: The game features various achievements and challenges for players to complete, adding an additional layer of replayability.

  • In-game Currency: Players earn money based on their performance, which can be used to buy upgrades and equipment.


While "Learn to Fly 2" is primarily a gameplay-focused title, it follows a simple storyline where the penguin, after failing to fly in the first game, is back with more determination to achieve flight.


Using mouse


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