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"Pilotwings" is a series of flight simulation video games developed and published by Nintendo. The series made its debut in 1990 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and has since seen several installments released on different Nintendo gaming platforms.


The gameplay in "Pilotwings" centers around flight simulation and pilot training. Players take on the role of aspiring pilots and undergo various challenges and missions that test their flying skills and precision.

Key Features:

  • Flight Vehicles: The games offer a variety of vehicles that players can pilot, including airplanes, hang gliders, rocket belts (jetpacks), and other unique flying contraptions.

  • Training Missions: Each game typically consists of a series of training missions, each focusing on a specific aircraft or flight skill. These missions range from basic flight maneuvers to more complex challenges.

  • Scoring System: Players are scored based on their performance in each mission. Factors such as landing accuracy, flight time, and completion of objectives contribute to the final score.

  • Unlockables: As players progress through the missions and achieve high scores, they may unlock additional vehicles, courses, or other in-game rewards.


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