Ice Scream Horror Adventure

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Ice Scream Horror Adventure Overview:

Introduce Ice Scream Horror Adventure:

Ice Scream Horror Adventure is a chilling horror game that follows the story of a group of friends trapped in an ice cream truck by a sinister ice cream seller who kidnaps children. Players must unravel mysteries, solve puzzles, and outsmart the villain to save their friends and escape.

Who created the Ice Scream Horror Adventure game:

Ice Scream Horror Adventure is developed by Keplerians Horror Games, known for its expertise in creating immersive horror gaming experiences.


Players take on the protagonist role who must navigate various levels of the ice cream truck and its surroundings to rescue their friends. They must evade the ice cream seller, solve puzzles, collect items, and use their wits to progress through the game's suspenseful storyline.

Tips to win Ice Scream Horror Adventure:

Stay vigilant and listen for audio cues that signal the ice cream seller's presence, use stealth to avoid detection, explore thoroughly to find hidden items and clues, and strategize your movements to outmaneuver the villain and rescue your friends. Additionally, pay attention to environmental details and hints provided within the game to overcome obstacles and progress in the storyline.


Online gameplay for Ice Scream Horror Adventure:

Play Ice Scream Horror Adventure Online on PC:

To play Ice Scream Horror Adventure on PC, visit online gaming platforms or the game's official website, and follow the instructions to access the game.

Game controls:

Controls typically involve using keyboard keys or mouse movements to move the character, interact with objects, collect items, and perform actions necessary to advance in the game.

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