Elevator Hitch

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Elevator Hitch: A Trapped Co-worker Challenge

A Glitch in the Elevator Shaft

Elevator Hitch is a short, free, downloadable horror game that blends escape room and point-and-click mechanics. You find yourself stuck in a seemingly normal 1970s office elevator with a co-worker. But as the elevator malfunctions and takes you to unsettling floors, the situation takes a dark and mysterious turn.

Elevator Hitch

Gameplay Essentials

Elevator Hitch is a narrative-driven experience where you need to solve puzzles to escape the malfunctioning elevator. You'll be interacting with objects in the environment, piecing together the unsettling story, and hopefully finding a way out.

How to Conquer the Elevator

Download and Play:

Elevator Hitch isn't currently playable directly online. It's designed as a downloadable game for PC. You can likely find it on platforms like itch.io.

Mastering the Controls:

Since it's a downloadable game, expect to use your mouse to click on objects and navigate menus. This allows you to interact with the environment and solve the puzzles you encounter.

Tips for Escape:

Here are some general tips that can help you conquer Elevator Hitch:

  • Become a Keen Observer: Examine everything in the elevator and on each floor you visit. Every detail, no matter how strange, could be a clue.
  • Combine Your Findings: Look for ways to combine objects you find or information you gather to solve puzzles.
  • Think Unconventionally: Escape room games often require creative solutions. Don't be afraid to try unconventional approaches to the puzzles.

If you're looking for a short burst of spooky thrills and puzzling gameplay, downloading Elevator Hitch for PC might be the perfect adventure!

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